Here's a Cucumber Dancin'
With a Jalapeño,
Doin' the Pickleña...
Do the Pickleña with us!

For years my friend from Forth Worth gave me a jar of homemade jalapeño pickles every Christmas. The crisp and sweet concoction complemented everything. But, no matter how delicious they were, there was something missing. They just weren't Texan enough.

For the past twenty years my husband Jarvis & I owned the Maidstone Arms Inn and Restaurant in East Hampton, New York. When it came time to tweak our menu at the Inn I thought of those pickles, and decided we should serve them with our "famous hamburger." I gave a jar of Fort Worth Jalapeño Pickles to chef Michael Mandleur and asked him to create a new, spicier and more Texan version inspired by my childhood memories of jarred Jalapeños. And the vision was complete! 

The perfected pickles are a robust combination of sliced and pickled Kirby cucumber with the necessary jalapeño, red pepper and onion, a union of flavors that will entice a fellow to do the Texas two step right there! I decided I had to share these pickles with the world and now they are more famous than the hamburger ever was!

Enjoy this concoction wholeheartedly with anything that needs a savory kick, from tuna fish salad to sushi, deviled eggs to chili,or just eat them straight from the jar!

Please contact us soon with any questions or orders...
Coke Anne & Jarvis Wilcox